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What is the Merkaba?

Merkaba Page.png

Merkaba (mer-kah-ba): noun

In sacred geometry, the Merkaba is a three-dimensional star. Sacred geometry is an ancient science that involves identifying, exploring, and understanding the meanings of various shapes and patterns that make up the core designs of everything in the universe.

"Mer" means a light that rotates around within itself, "ka" means spirit, and "ba" means the physical body which breaks down the word Merkaba to signify light, spirit, and body. 

It is comprised of two metaphysical intersecting tetrahedrons in perfect balance spinning in opposite directions which results in activation of light and protection around the body. This can transport consciousness to higher dimensions which is why Merkaba translates to "chariot" as it is known as the vehicle to spiritual ascension.

Just like the Seed of Life and the Flower of Life, the Merkaba is 6-sided geometry that helps to maintain the balance of masculine and feminine energies. 

The Merkaba symbolizes a multi-dimensional approach towards this world, its reality, and human nature that asks how can we improve ourselves to become better human beings. 

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